GTO Sensei

GTO Sensei

GTO Sensei is a mobile application for learning and practicing GTO strategies in poker. Optimal Poker Strategies (GTO) have been proven to be effective. GTO Sensei allows you to practice like the pros and makes process of learning poker fun and exciting!
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GTO Sensei comes with a Free Training Pack which has drills for various game types including MTT, Cash, Spin&Gos, etc. You can try the app for free to understand how it can help you elevate your game. More comprehensive training packs for specific game types are offered via paid monthly subscriptions and have a 3 day trial.


GTO Sensei is available for your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The application is optimized for each platform separately, to achieve stable operation on different devices.


GTO Sensei was designed based on the latest trends in mobile application design and user experience to ensure that the application is as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Anyone can understand the simple and intuitive interface and start improving their poker game in minutes.


All training packs were created by experienced players and respected poker coaches. GTO Sensei packs include a multitude of postflop spots, allowing you to practice a wide range of game situations.


The application is based on a large number of pre-calculated GTO strategies. The training uses complex game trees that have been solved with high accuracy using the best GTO algorithms of the SimplePostflop solver. Simple Preflop Holdem was used to calculate preflop ranges for most packs.


GTO Sensei Teaser Video
GTO Sensei Tutorial by GregXX

Customer reviews

  • Timtim664

    Gtosensei is super! I liked the application very much, it is convenient to play it while afk. It's nice that now I can usefully spend my free time

  • kilau novack

    GTO Sensei is much better than its competitors (dto, posflop+). Much more complex game trees are used, there are more training spots and the price is lower. The application itself is more convenient and pretty

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System Requirements

  • Android
    7.1 and upper
  • iOS
    11.0 and newer

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